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Dietitian Salaries

The Survey Project

Are you curious about dietitian salaries? Salary transparency starts conversations and inspires change. The more we know, the more we can grow as a profession. Participate in the survey and see your report of a variety of dietitian job titles and salaries.

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How It Works

Take a quick dietitian salary survey and get access to the salary survey database with corresponding job titles, focus areas, and more. Take the survey for each dietitian job you have in the United States and as many times as your salary adjusts or you change jobs.

Our database is updated with every entry. So that you get real dietitian salary data in real time.

Stacey Dunn-Emke, MS, RDN
Founding Owner
NutritionJobs + DietitianSalaries

What You Get

Negotiation Leverage
With salary transparency you get informed data and talking points to show your value based on real-time market data.
Job Inspiration
Learn about alternative dietitian jobs and their income potential.
Job Reflection
Have you been thinking about a career change or narrowing down your niche? The dietitian salary report can help inform your decision.

All dietitian salary information is anonymous. We value your data and privacy. We are interested in dietitian salaries across job titles, focus areas, geographical areas, and companies.

With dietitian salary transparency, the more we know the more we can grow.
Your salary data reported is anonymous.
Sample Report
We are so curious!
What Dietitians are Saying

The average dietitian salary is $62,000. I’m hoping this survey will show me other job titles with better pay that I might later explore.

- Sienna N

I love my job but I can’t wait to see all the other alternative job titles for dietitians and how my salary compares.

- Kristin L

Yes! I’ve been waiting for this for a while. Know what specific job titles dietitians have really helps. I’ll be checking back often.

- Ted K